THG Story

Global Game IP Creator

We are developing our global competitiveness by focusing on our most confident field of Strategy and Golf genres.
As for our first challenge, we are providing global service of 'Champion Strike', and we are developing 'Live Golf Festa' with the goal of launching globally in 2022.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to become a top-tier Global Game IP Creator with new and innovative games.


Developers who are passionate about developing games,
freely express their voice and reflect rational opinions.

The harmonious collaboration of talented seniors and passionate
juniors create positive synergy.

Dependable support from the members who have experience of
succeeding in development of “Pangya” and “Alicia”.

Jointly invested by entrepreneurs of Ntreev Soft
and key developers.

Game lovers work hard in order to create
something big.

Provide the opportunity to show the potential of individuals
and to work happily with free communication.

With the development power of each specialist, quality results that
have not been experienced elsewhere are produced.


  • 2021
    04. "Live Golf Festa" has been selected as a general game content production support project by the Korea Creative Content Agency in 2021
  • 2020
    09. Signed a "Champion Strike" global publishing contract with N3TWORK USA
  • 2019
    09. Global Launch "Champion Strike"
    04. Concluded an investment contract with LB Investment
    02. Soft launch "Champion Strike" in 9 countries including Southeast Asia
  • 2018
    04. Venture company certified
    01. "Lord of Dungeons" Global Service Launch
  • 2017
    05. Concluded an investment contract with Coolidge Corner Investment
    02. Concluded an investment contract with Union Investment partners
    01. Signed a joint project with EK Games “Lord of Dungeons”
  • 2015
    10. Signed a strategic alliance with EK Games
    10. Established Twohands Games Inc.

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