twohands life


1Persistence passion
Designing new experiences for different people is cool, but never easy. The way we find it is to focus on quality with persistence and passion.
2ONE team
We are all colleagues with the same purpose to win the hearts of users, and we are a team working equally regardless of position and age. Free communication and respect for our colleagues is our basis.
3Pride in work
Creating and servicing the game is about making someone's time enjoyable. This is our pride. Based on this pride, we will build a game company that we can be proud of.

Twohands Culture

We are working hard in order to create a healthy organizational culture
that can bring a happy energy into the workplace for everyone.

‘Flexible Time’
We go to work flexibly and work diligently, then we leave work freely on time.
Use of nicknames for open communication
An environment has been created in which employees of various ages, from 20s to 50s, from newcomers to CEOs, can communicate openly.
Various events, online parties
We provide a variety of snacks online and have a fun communication time.
In-house game competition (Winner's award)
As expected from Game Developers, we held an exciting game competition between us. Anyone can win first place.

Twohands employees benefits

Lunch is provided separately
Are you having a hard time eating in Gangnam? After checking the number of working days each month, the next month's food expenses are paid.
Retirement pension system.
We guarantee the retirement life of our employees by providing safe severance pay.
Flexible “work from home” and “vaccine leave”
In line with the current situation, we think about improving the working environment and safety of our employees.
Easy usage of vacation
Use the vacation at ease!
Half day leaves for medical examination.
We provide a Half day vacation leave for our team.
Congratulations and Condolences
We share the joys and sorrows of our family members.
Holiday gifts
We make you twohands light but your wallet fat.
Support for job-related self-development expenses.
We actively encourage the latest work-related technology studies.
Summer paid leaves vacation (extra 3 days)
For you who have worked hard, we provide more vacations in the summer.