Our Game

Golf Festa Release Soon

It is a new type of mobile golf game that provides a variety of golf pleasures,
A perfect golf swing and great camera angle will give you the best experience.

The core members of Twohands Games have successful experience in the global No. 1 online golf game.

By securing excellent technologies such as realistic golf physics, a course design tool that can create various courses more fun and speedy, and dynamic camera production,
We are aiming to release a new style of global top-tier mobile golf game that you have never experienced before.

Developer’s story

  • Stop playing the lonely golf game!! A new style of social golf game! I'm working hard on it!! (Developer L)
  • Anyone can easily learn, and immersion is the best. Let's play together on a beautiful sunset beach! (Background artist J)
  • With realistic ball physics, the ground slope of 1 degree brings new fun. I work on the field every day for that fun ^^ (Level Designer M)
  • The best out of all golf games! Clan Wars and massive survival modes make your hands sweat! (Programmer K)

Champion Strike

A mobile RTS game that brings enjoyment with strategic approach
with compatibility of various cards and directly controlling the champion.

A controllable champion has been added as a key strategic element of battle on top of the familiar system of the existing strategy battle game that summons units and magic.

In the automatic battle of units moving according to the rules, the newly added champion control creates a new fun of creating a variety of strategies.

In 2021, the breathtaking battles and thrilling play of players around the world will continue, and the game is still evolving.

Player’s Response

  • This is a really fun and simple version of a MOBA. It doesn't move too fast for someone like me who kind of sucks at it. Very fun.(And***********)
  • I love this game so much. Champion Strike is awesome and has very competitive and addicting gameplay.Thank you so much to all the developers and artists that really brought these fantastic characters and amazing world to life.  (Ant***********)
  • Love this game, from the animation to the short play time. It’s about 3 minutes of actual strategic gameplay where controlling your champion and tricking the opponent is crucial. Never played a game like this before, it’s highly addicting. (Kev******)
  • Hours of fun with the right balance of strategy and limited time to make decisions. Feels like a real time strategy game where victory is ultimately guided by instinct and strategic prowess(sta*************)