Here are vivid stories of twohands people seeking two-handedness.

ProgrammerJack. Jong-Hyun Lee

A dream of a gamer.

I think I spent a lot of time playing fighting games at the game center since I was young. I was a gamer who worked hard on real-time network competition games such as StarCraft. (Flashback… haha) I think I especially enjoyed games that compete with other opponents.

As time went on, I started to want to make a game, and after much effort, I joined a game company in 2007 and finally made a game, and I achieved my childhood dream and experienced a successful project. After that, I joined Twohands with many colleagues I trusted in this first company.

Make a game
that you are attached

As a client programmer, we are working hard to create something for users to enjoy. The first game of Twohands was my favorite real-time battle game, so I became more attached to the development process. The Champion Strike seems like our first born child because we have gone through a lot of hard work, and I am proud of it as it is still being serviced globally. Currently, I am also working on the golf project, and I am thinking a lot with my colleagues so that the content of the game client has unity and structure.

Work together
in order to achieve

The same goes for anything, but difficult moments will come when developing the game as well.
When I was inexperienced, I used to struggle alone. Therefore, there were times when we just wasted time which resulted negatively.
And then I realized that we have to work together. Games are not developed alone, I think it is important to get advice from colleagues and collaborate to have better teamwork.

Development that
everyone participates in.

You can have more diverse experiences than a large company. Should I say there are some compulsory factors? haha Of course, the good thing is that a lot of individual opinions can be reflected in development.

If you are a developer who is more affectionate in the game development process, you definitely have the advantage of a small company.

For example, there was a contest where the company decided the title of the game. The name "Champion Strike" was my proud suggestion. (Showing off.. Of course, I got a prize, too!)

Game that
we can be proud of

I believe that Twohands is a place where people who love games gather and strive to produce proud results. I want to mention that there is a good culture that emphasizes communication in order to get good results by making the most out of the given resources.

We’ve already launched the game to the global market, and the next game is also oriented to global service. Therefore, I believe that there will be many experiences and growth waiting for individuals and companies which is win-win for both.

Art DirectorSunny. Jae-Hee Park

I realized the reason
for my existence

Twohands Games was the beginning of a new life for me.
Previously, if I was just a ’developer’, the moment I got the offer to join Twohands was ‘Mother’ on maternity leave.
Parenting with joining Twohands in 2016 will be my life story to laugh and talk about even when I become a grandmother in my 70s.

It took me a lot of thought before I made the decision to join the company. But looking back on the decision, I still think that I made the right decision.

I have come to think that work is not simply about doing the required work and getting paid, but about making me think about the reason for my existence.

It really made me happy to dream again and start what a person called ‘me’ can work with hope, rather than the way I feel like the sun setting as opposed to my newly born child.

An art director
with full of passion

I am an art director of the art team and in charge of various visual outputs such as concept, modeling and illustration.

When something happens, I think and implement “I want to do it” very quickly, so I tend to be on fire often. (This can be a disadvantage and an advantage at the same time, I believe it is more of an advantage for me ^^)

I work with the hope that results based on various experiences over a long career will be efficient and meaningful in creating games.

What do you want to
achieve in
Twohands Games?

If what I do is pure art, it would be meaningful to work happily,
but I want to achieve results in Twohands Games.
I want to say that I made a new start and achieved good results in the future.

Why did you choose
a start-up company?

There are pros and cons of each size of a company, but I think the big company I experienced and (I don’t know if it was something that fits my experience) worked like a set part in a large machine.

That was also very meaningful. If any of the small parts fail in the large machines, they won’t work.

But rather than that, I wanted to do more of what I wanted to do, try it out quickly, and take the lead in visuals. Maybe that’s why I feel more sympathetic to the work I’m doing.

A company of
communication and trust

I believe that Twohands Games is a company where communication and trust are important.

These two keywords are important to any company, but I wanted to say that in some companies, when batteries run out, they just replace them with new batteries. In other companies, they charge batteries well and give me better power because, in the end, I would like to say that company that believes in me and the communication of members who make me believe are the driving force behind the power.

Become a confident
working mother

What I feel while working and parenting at the same time is that flexible commuting is truly helpful.
Currently, I am working from home due to COVID-19, but depending on the situation, I was able to work more with gratitude in that I could go to work early in the Morning, finish my work, and access childcare early.

The environment in which working mothers can create more synergy, not reduce the efficiency of a company, truly touches my heart.

If there is anything you want to learn, it is very helpful that this company supports an environment where you can actively learn.

The last words

I can confidently say that if you want to express your potential and achieve it, try Twohands Games!

Project GF PlannerJin. Seo-Jin Ha

A new golf
with a party vibe

I am in charge of system and content planning in the golf team planning part. In a way, we are creating a new game mode with a party atmosphere that anyone can easily enjoy an unfamiliar and rigid image of golf. We are developing with the goal of fun modes of various styles that people have not experienced in existing golf games.

New challenge

As soon as I wanted to try a new game genre, I joined the company as a good opportunity. When I was preparing to join the company, I learned that it was a company created by people with experience in creating successful works in the field.

I know right away that this company has the most potential than any other company.

What do you want to
achieve in
Twohands Games?

Everyone cooperates together to create a game that no one regrets (Short-term)
Becoming a developer who made a successful game that many game developers want (Mid-term)
And developing individual capabilities to become a developer recognized by everyone (Long-term)
These three above are my goals.

A choice that can
bring out your
maximum potential

As a planner, small companies have more opportunities to take on tasks that have a greater impact on games than large companies. Each individual’s authority over development will increase. Of course, large companies can develop their work capabilities through systematic and clear procedures. However, it means that unnecessary time, process, and paperwork increase. As a game planner, I believe the generalist’s capabilities are more important than a specialist’s.

The ability to experience more and cope with one problem from various perspectives is more important than doing just one thing well. In a small company, you can think and deal with a lot of things yourself. It can be a great choice to develop your personal skills.

I strongly believe the best option is not to choose a large or a small company, but a company that can maximize your capabilities.

Focus only on
developing games

I think it’s a company with a free atmosphere only for game development. With the flexible working hour system, flexible use of annual leave, and horizontal company culture, it creates an atmosphere where you can really focus only on developing games without paying attention to anything else.

The company is
one team

It is a company with high-quality output that has never been experienced by other companies with the development skills of specialists in each job group. You can explosively boost your personal growth by showing off what you are good at and filling in what you lack.

Furthermore, it is a company where you can freely express your opinions. The entire company is one team by expressing opinions without hesitation and making good games together with other teams in different departments.

An attitude of
the difference

Twohands Games is a company where cooperation and communication are important. I believe there is no good game without free communication from different teams. You can express your opinion but admit that it is not wrong, it is different.

In addition, it will be advantageous to have a person who can take the lead and lead the right direction rather than a top-down person who is only what they are told from above.

Communication designerWing. Woo-In Choi

Design is

Hi, I am Wing from the global business team.
The tasks I am in charge of are centered on design for communication with users, and it is called “Communication Design.”

I mainly work on branding and web & banner images that are uploaded to In-game, app store, and SNS. I am also in charge of designing 2D graphic resources for the game development team.

I always think my work has a great synergy effect when I communicate freely with others in charge. There were many times when good ideas or new great concepts came up during communication, which helped me a lot in design work :)

The two meanings of
“Flexible Time”

One of the cultures of our company is flexible time, and I believe there are two meanings of it.
First meaning is the flexible work hours which are the employee benefits of our company. It is a flexible commuting culture where you can start and end work at the time you want. It is a very precious culture that protects employees’ quality of work-life!

Second meaning is the flexible communication time. In other words, I can communicate with anyone at any time I want.
We, Twohands Games, can communicate comfortably with colleagues who are involved as soon as we get stuck on something or have a question. I believe this is a huge advantage.

There is a clear difference between works with freely communication and works conducted alone without such a process. I believe I can capture key information that can never be grasped when I carry it out alone such as the planner’s intention, designer’s thoughts, and etc. Wouldn’t this lead to more efficient results?

Maximum level
hands-on worker

When someone asks, “what is the strength of Twohands Games?” I always have the same answer. “I’m so happy to have reliable seniors!” In fact, there are many senior hands-on- workers in Twohands Games. I think this structure is a great environment for members like me who are building careers at the junior level for learning and growing up.

I feel so reliable that many seniors lead me to clear and amazing works no matter what I ask.

A company that
grows together

Twohands Games is a colleague who I can grow with. Rather than simply thinking, ‘It’s good if the game goes well’, it’s a company that makes me feel, “the game goes well, so I’m growing, and the company grows together.” That’s why I always try to find more diverse solutions and do my best to succeed./p>

Many of the worries that come from that process seem to eventually become a solid foundation and experience that makes up one’s own later.

Global Project PMTed. U-Hyuk Sim

From New Zealand
to South Korea

When I was young, I moved to New Zealand because of my parents’ business and majored in marketing at university. And I simply came to South Korea to play after graduation. The reason why I decided to stay here from New Zealand was because of my dog. I raised the dog at my mother’s house, but he hated outsiders and became very aggressive. Feeling the danger of life(?), I had a strong desire to live independently, so I started looking for a job.

The first place I heard from was a game company, and I started working in Busan for the first time because I have always loved playing games since I was young. At that time, I was only going to work for three to six months and go back to New Zealand. However, I liked the time the company needed me and created my own value while working, so I continued to work. Then, I ended up living in South Korea as time went by.

Family-Friendly Culture

The decisive reason I joined Twohands Games and moved from Busan to Seoul three years ago was that the company cares “the value of each person is important” instead of thinking of me as a small part of the company. When I looked at the company’s culture of “Let’s collaborate creatively and succeed together,” I felt so warm. Also, I thought that I could learn various tasks related to global business, so I joined the company.

Challenge to become
a global

I am in charge of promoting collaborating with global partners, planning, managing, and operating Champion Strike’s global live service. Currently, I started working on ASO (App Store Optimization), which was unfamiliar at first. However, I’m having fun because I can try it from various perspectives as I study.

Cooperate to fill up
the weakness

I feel like I’m developing by learning things that I do not know one by one. And I think that the company culture of cooperating to fill the weakness for better results is very special.

As a project manager of the global business department, I learned a lot of PM work and had opportunities to increase my own value such as meetings with global partners and business trips to Los Angeles, USA. I think what I experienced in this company you can rarely experience in other companies.

Let’s run together

Most of the colleagues I work with had successful experiences in the past and It was also an opportunity for me to learn a lot from them who knew the “know-how” of this success.

A culture where we can run together with the same desire and clear goals that we want to succeed together, and a culture where It is possible to freely share opinions with everyone to discuss productively, and a culture where a horizontal atmosphere that respects all fresh ideas from anyone, have created the unique culture of Twohands Games.

Proud of the company

I’m happy to believe that I can get rewarded as much as I try. Twohands Games is a company that is grateful and proud to provide a better environment and employee benefits for us according to the company’s situation. My goal is to buy my own house in South Korea with the success of the company.